1. Why do I need to give? Isn’t tuition paid by the state?
The state does contribute but only covers approximately 2/3 of the daily costs.

2. How can my small donation be helpful?
Every monetary contribution, whether it be $1 or $1,000, goes towards closing the 1/3 gap that currently exists.

3. Do I have to give immediately or can I give at any time during the year?
As you may have already seen in our ‘Support LSS‘ section there are several campaigns in which you can participate throughout the year, the two major events being the year ’round LSS Fund and the Spring Benefit. The best time to give is when it is most convenient for you!

4. How can I give?
LearningSpring gratefully accepts cash, checks and credit cards.

5. Do I have to give a lump sum or can I make several payments throughout the school year?
Whichever is most convenient for you. You can donate in one lump sum, pledge a gift and set up scheduled payments, or set up a recurring gift.

6. What does my money provide?
Your contribution helps maintain LearningSpring, allowing it to continue its mission of educating its very special population with its multi-disciplinary approach, all of which is carried out by its very talented and dedicated teachers, assistants and therapists. Your money may go towards capital expenses, such as staff development, our arts enrichment program, parent education programs, or needed technology.

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